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Let me Put on my Thinking Cap-no borders- IMG_9852.jpg

Morgan Cristine Flores

"Let Me Put On My
Thinking Cap"

Digital Photograph


Assume the Position of Victory, AKA an "About Me" Section

I'm interested in worlds where I get to win. Not win, like, over someone, like, where they are beat down and I am "victorious" --either on top of them or over them or like standing on their head or some shit. That dom stuff is for like, Kali the demon-slayer, or that Aztec god in all the velvet paintings in any Mexican store you go into in L.A. who has the limp maiden in his arms (or is she at his feet?). Or for any protagonist in any U.S. story (these are most of the stories I know).

Old-World-style Domination is not for me.*

In my world, "winning," is getting to exist everywhere. But not taking from others.

Winning is, you exist fully and so do I, and we all consider each other but don't do shit to hold each other back. That is utopia, and that is the world I want.

How we get there, I don't know. The best I can figure is for me to attempt to do it wherever I am, with whatever I have. We have to practice what we want. And, like I said, I don't want to control you, unless your need in life is unnecessarily controlling me.  Then I have to figure out how to get you to stop. Otherwise, I see the world from my perspective, and go from there. I am a painter, I am a Mexican, I am a writer, I am a filmmaker, I am an explorer, I am a (femme-identified) woman, and I am a pleasure-seeker. The rest is: I make bodies of work.

My art practice is my attempt at carving out this utopia: "Ultimate Freedom." I see making visual work through the lens of a painter, and my bodies of visual art are in the realm of exploring the expanded field of painting. I collage together everything, and I also make experimental documentary films that are about making art and my own experiences. I am also working on a script-proj
ect with related themes.

Right now, I'm in Boston.


*I just realized that both of my specific examples of Life Doms are not from the "Old World,"  at least in the Euro-centric-dominated definition of "Old World." So, my examples don't make sense because by "Old-World-style domination," I am referring to the conquering-ment
ality that began the United States and that carries through much of its culture.its 


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