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Morgan Cristine Flores

b. 1981/Los Angeles

Lives/Works in Boston


My art practice is a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the relationship between myself and my surroundings.  As a mixed-race Mexican-American woman, how do I process my existence on both the scale of the geographical landscape, historical space, and also the landscape of the everyday?  With my art practice, I seek to identify and honor the many pieces of myself, all the while using the platform of art-making as an avenue in finding incorporation, discovery, expression and belonging.

My methods involve observation of the landscapes and everyday life around me; research into the intersections of history and ecology of the land on which I reside; collecting of objects, imagery and thoughts based on my observations and research; and feeling the range of emotions that arise throughout this process. I bring my collections into the studio, sorting, organizing and categorizing. Then, in an interplay of planned or spontaneous gestures and movements, I construct paintings,  sculptures and photographs that reflect my synthesis of the collaged elements of the conceptual and the visual, guided and informed by the expressions of my feelings.

Morgan Cristine Flores- mcf-edited-5mbs.jpg

Photo by Juan Herrera

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